Permanent Makeup

Permanent Makeup for Eyeliner, Brows, and Lips: Your Ultimate Guide
Are you tired of spending precious time every morning perfecting your eyeliner, filling in your brows, or applying lipstick? Permanent makeup offers a solution that can save you time and give you the look you desire without significant downtime or money.
What is Permanent Makeup?
Permanent makeup, often called micro-pigmentation or cosmetic tattooing, is a technique where colored pigments are injected into the dermal layer of the skin using micro-insertions.
Unlike traditional tattoos that use permanent skin dyes and inks, permanent makeup pigments are specially formulated for cosmetic use only and will eventually begin to fade within a few years. This process offers a safe and long-lasting solution for enhancing your natural beauty with the flexibility to keep up with cosmetic trends.
Quality You Can Trust
The safety and longevity of permanent makeup depends on the quality of the products used. At The Facial Bar, we use only premier pigments available on the market to ensure the highest quality results including:
  • Beau Inks: Known for high-quality, gamma-sterilized pigments designed for easy color selection.
  • Tina Davies: A reputable brand that offers innovative products and training for PMU artists.
  • Bowler Blades: High-quality microblades known for sharp, clean results every time.
Permanent Eyeliner: A Time-Saving Beauty Hack

Getting that perfect eyeliner look is known to be a daily struggle, but Permanent Eyeliner can provide a hassle-free solution to your daily makeup routine.

Permanent Eyeliner involves using a specialized cosmetic tattoo machine to implant pigment along the lash line to replicate the look of eyeliner. It comes in various styles including:

  • Lash Enhancement: Subtle definition along the lash line
  • Winged Liner: Extends out above the crease of your lids
  • Shaded Liner: A soft and smoky line diffusing from the lash line
  • Butterfly Liner: A bold look with shading on the lid and crease

Benefits of Permanent Eyeliner include adding definition to the lash line while decreasing the time needed for makeup application and is ideal for patients suffering from shaky hands and vision impairments. Permanent Eyeliner can last between 3-5 years, with additional color boosts recommended every 18 months to maintain cosmetic freshness.

Microblading: Fuller, Natural-Looking Eyebrows
Microblading is a semi-permanent makeup solution that can redefine and enhance your eyebrows. Microblading is a technique where hair strokes are manually drawn into the eyebrows, implanting pigment into the top layer of the skin with results lasting 1-5 years.
Benefits of Microblading include:

  • Fuller, more defined brows
  • Waterproof and sweatproof eyebrow solution
  • Ideal for those with sparse brows, hair loss, or asymmetrical features

Preparation for treatment involves a topical anesthetic to reduce sensitivity followed by layering of pigmentation to create natural-looking brows. Touch-ups for brows are recommended every 1-2 years after initial results.

Lip Blushing: Your Natural Lips Enhanced

Lip Blushing is a technique used to enhance the color and shape of your lips. Lip Blushing involves layering color pigment onto the lips to create natural-looking results that range from a subtle lip tint to a full lipstick effect.

Benefits of Lip Blushing include:

  • Fullness without surgery or fillers
  • Restoration of color to pale lips
  • Brightening of natural lip color
  • Definition and shaping of the lips
  • Camouflaging scars and pigmentation issues
  • Reducing the appearance of fine lines

While Lip Blushing can be a bit more uncomfortable than other treatment options, we apply a topical numbing cream before your procedure to decrease your pain sensitivity. Lip Blushing is considered safe for most individuals but a consultation with our providers will be able to address candidacy and concerns.

At The Facial Bar, we offer permanent makeup as a convenient and long-lasting solution for enhancing your natural beauty. Whether you’re considering Permanent Eyeliner, Microblading, or Lip Blushing, we have the specialists and expertise to help you achieve your desired look. Say goodbye to daily makeup routines and hello to effortless beauty with a permanent makeup procedure today at The Facial Bar!

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