We go about our daily activities, not realizing what is going on microscopically. Every day, dust, sweat, oil from our skin, make-up, skin products, and other body creams settle on our faces. I mean, it’s normal to go through all that, but why do we still get saddled with black spots, acne, dryness, wrinkles, and other skin conditions? Are you wondering what you can do to deep clean and exfoliate your skin? 


Try a hydrafacial treatment! With a hydrafacial treatment, it takes only 30 minutes to make your skin glow. It is like a regular facial but much more effective. The hydrafacial treatment is a multi-facial treatment that cleanses your skin, extracts dead skin cells that clog skin pores, protects the skin with an antibacterial treatment, and hydrates all skin types with a serum that enhances your glowing skin. 


The hydrafacial treatment is a painless 4 step noninvasive treatment that uses a mechanical wand to exfoliate and extract anything that may have clogged your pores. Acne and other skin conditions stand no chance against this facial treatment, plus you get to bless your skin with all the nutrients it needs to maintain healthy glowing skin. 


Do you want to know more about hydrafacial treatments and what it does for your skin? Read on.


What Happens During The Hydrafacial Treatment?


The hydrafacial treatment is viral worldwide, especially for its trusted results. It is a go-to facial treatment for celebrities and your next-door neighbor. 

The popular in-office face treatment, hydrafacial treatment, involves four steps which are Skin cleansing, skin exfoliation, dirt and sebum extraction, and skin hydration. 



Skin Cleansing

Firstly, your skin will be cleansed gently with the specialist’s fingers to apply gentle pressure movements on the face; this is to remove the outer layer of the skin to remove the dead skin cells through a process called exfoliation. The skin then becomes clean and brighter after shedding the dead skin.


Skin Exfoliation

The tip of the pen-like wand is used on the skin to suck up all the dead skin cells, body oil, sweat, and dirt accumulated over time.


Through the pen-like wand, there’s a release of a serum (made of lactic acid and glycolic acid) which helps to make it easier to clean the skin deep to dislodge further any dirt and oils that may have clogged your pores. The serum is an anti-aging treatment that hydrates the skin and clears fine lines and wrinkles.


The serum also helps to encourage cellular turnover (shedding dead skin cells and replacing them with younger skin cells). 


Dirt and Sebum Extraction

A serum containing salicylic and glycolic acid is applied using the multifunctional pin-like wand to loosen the dirt and sebum deep in your skin that regular skin care can’t reach. This serum is released through the pin-like wand directly into the pores to fight the accumulation of dirt that may cause blackheads, whiteheads, and acne.


 After the dirt and sebum deep in your skin loosens, the pen-like wand releases another serum to help the oil and dirt make their way out. Then, the pin-like wand vacuums up all the dirt and sebum deep in your pores into a separate vat. 


Skin hydration

After the deep cleaning, a serum with antibacterial effects and a LED light that promotes anti-aging and anti-inflammatory effects are applied to keep your skin hydrated so you look fresh and revitalized.


Aftereffects Of Using Hydrafacial Treatment

Hydrafacial treatment has no adverse side effects; it is painless and does not cause redness. 

Hydrafacial treatment leaves your face glowing and healthy.


Health Benefits of Hydrafacial Treatment

Apart from the fact that it improves your appearance, skin tone, and texture? Well, hydrafacial treatment has a lot more skin benefits that promote your skin health regardless of your age and gender. 


The Anti-aging effect

Hydrafacial treatment promotes a younger look by clearing up wrinkles, fine lines, and skin discoloration enabling you to retain your youthful look longer. 


Treatment for acne 

Using your hands or tweezers to squeeze out acne and blackheads from the skin’s pores can be very painful and bloody. Doing that leaves the area inflamed and swollen with this painless treatment that goes deep into your skin, removing body oil, dirt, and dead skin cells that may be clogging your pores and infusing sebum into your skin to promote skin health and skin tone. Your skin will remain healthy and acne-free.


Promoting skin health 

Hydrafacial treatment has an antibacterial effect and an anti-inflammatory effect that leaves the skin safe from irritations and other adverse skin conditions. 


Promote skin appearance

Apart from treating your skin, hydrafacial treatment gets you a balanced skin tone, smoother skin texture, and an increased appearance. The treatment saves you from spending extra on beauty products and expensive spa treatments.


Who is Suitable for A Hydrafacial Treatment?

Hydrafacial treatment is suitable for people of all skin tones. It has been recorded that many receive instantaneous results after one treatment. 


Our skin can be damaged through excessive sun exposure, repetitive face movements, dehydration, unhealthy feeding habits, and chemical irritants from beauty products, alcohol, and cigarettes. Therefore, It is necessary to take proper care of our largest organ (Skin), as it draws people’s appeal, promotes self-confidence, and promotes a healthy lifestyle as you will take care of your skin more, it also promotes a beautiful appearance. Hydrafacial treatment is suitable for you if you want all these and more.



Hydrafacial treatment is an easy way of promoting your skin’s health and appearance. It takes thirty minutes of your time in a relaxed environment to get your skin the care it deserves. 


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